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STD Treatment

Our clinic provides a comprehensive range of STD Treatment services administered by fully certified doctors in Singapore . . .

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This is a protocol adopted from United Sates of America, Philadelphia, where HIV exposure among homosexuals are high. It has been found to be highly effective by reducing the rate of HIV transmission by 49% which is high, if implemented . . .

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It is expected that as a man ages, his levels of male sex hormone (testosterone) will drop gradually. 'Andropause', however, refers to a situation when the drop in testosterone in much larger or faster than is expected. . . .

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HIV Testing

There may not be any symptoms during the initial phase of HIV infection. Some patients may suffer from very non-specific symptoms like lethargy, fever, rashes, or prodrome symptoms. Often times, many patients have no symptom at all and do . . .

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Condom Breaks

Condoms may tear for various reasons. Expired condoms, inappropriately stored condoms (eg. condoms stored in hot areas), poor quality condoms, rough and prolonged sex, insufficient lubrication, damage caused by nails or teeth when opening condom, double condom usage (when 2 . . .

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Health Screening

As we all know, prevention is better than cure. Investigations for health screening allow us to detect illnesses at the early stage and earlier intervention circumvents progression of disease and minimises the damage that conditions such as Diabetes mellitus, coronary . . .

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Dr. Health, a multi-disciplinary medical clinic providing general medical services, lifestyle-based screening services, men's health, women's health, corporate healthcare services and maritime medical care.

All our doctors are certified and professionally trained to address your medical needs. we aim to provide a wide range of medical services and treatments to residents and travellers alike in a private and confidential setting.

Male and Female doctors are available for appointments.

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