About Dr Health

Dr Health, a multi-disciplinary medical clinic providing general medical and surgical services, lifestyle-based screening services, men's health, women's health, HIV Anonymous screening, treatment of viral warts, post-exposure prophylaxis, male andropause, erectile dysfunction, circumcision, general medical conditions, paediatric conditions, weight management, sports injuries, orthopaedic conditions, and hip and joint conditions.

All our doctors are certified and professionally trained to address your medical needs. We aim to provide a wide range of medical services and treatments to patients in Singapore and travellers alike in a private and confidential setting. Patient confidentiality and privacy are strictly observed. We also provide adjuvant radiological services in conjunction with our fellow health professionals , such as X-rays , ultrasound, and MRI scans at convenient locations. Physiotherapy for sports injuries and orthopaedic conditions are also available upon appropriate diagnosis and referral. For certain overuse or sports injuries, injections can be performed by our experienced doctor. Viscosupplementation/Hyaluronic acid (Synsic-one) knee injections are also provided by our well-trained physicians at for a very reasonable fee. Patients are most welcome to call our clinic for further information.

Male and Female doctors are available for appointments.