What to Do If Condom Breaks

Condom Tears

Condoms may tear for various reasons. Expired condoms, inappropriately stored condoms (eg. condoms stored in hot areas), poor quality condoms, rough and prolonged sex, insufficient lubrication, damage caused by nails or teeth when opening condom, double condom usage (when 2 condoms are used one on top of another) and re-use of condom. These are possible factors for condom tears. Condoms can also slip out during sexual intercourse when the penis loses its erection or if the condom is applied inappropriately on an erected penis.

When these unfortunate accidents happen, do not panic. For males, wash your genital gently with warm water. For females, do not wash or flush your vagina with caustic fluids or detergent as these can cause mucosal injury to the vaginal wall. Seek treatment and advice from Dr. Health.

Measures that can be taken:
  1. Prophylactic emergency contraception pills for women who are not already on oral or other forms of contraception.
  2. Testing of both involved parties for STDs/HIV
  3. Prophylactic antibiotics treatment if the involved partner tests positive for STI or has a history of recent STI (sexually transmitted infection)
  4. If the involved partner tests positive for HIV or is a known HIV positive individual, Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) with the appropriate retroviral medication should be commenced within 72 hours

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