HIV PEP - Effectively Reduce HIV Transmission Post Exposure

Pep - Post-HIV exposure prophylaxis

This is a protocol adopted from United Sates of America, Philadelphia, where HIV exposure among homosexuals are high. It has been found to be highly effective by reducing the rate of HIV transmission by 49% which is high, if implemented within 72 hours after exposure. PEP protocol consists of 2 types of retroviral medication taken for 28 days within 72 hours after exposure.

Nobody wants to be in a situation where they could contract HIV. However, we know that a lot of circumstances are really beyond our control. There are situations such as condom breakage, rape, accidental needle stick injuries among healthcare professionals, sexual intercourse with someone whom you think appears healthy but is actually HIV positive, doubts about a person's HIV status, sharing of needles among drug abusers, intoxication by alcohol and the abandonment of protective sex in the heat of the moment.

If any of these situations happens to you, do not hesistate to seek the advice of Dr. Health physicians who can offer you PEP if you seek help within 72 hours of exposure.

WHat are the risks of exposure? It reaLLY depends on what the offending situation is. For the rate of infection differs.
  • 0.01% in needile stick injury by a contamited needle
  • 0.02% in sharing of contaminated needle in IV drug abusers
  • 0.04% in anal sex among hjomosexual men
  • 0.01% in heterosexual vaginal sex
  • 0.04% in oral sex
PEP Protocol

PEP protocol are effective at a rate of 49%. The protocol consists of 2 types of retroviral medications (Truada and Isentress) taken orally daily for 28 days and stopped. Side effects are possible but the occurrence is low. Some patient may get a mild sin rash which is self-resolving.

PEP medications cost S$2,000. You should also be screened for othe STDs concomitantly.

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