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Prevention of STDS

The barrier method has been found to be the most effective method of preventing the transmission of STDs. Consistent and correct usage of condom during sexual intercourse has been the most effective method of prevention.

Abstinence, if achievable, is almost fool-proof. In a value added way, monogamy and faithfulness to the same partner is also an effective method to stay healthy and infection free.

Prevention is better than cure, as the saying goes. In Western medicine, vaccination as a way to stimulate out immune system to fight and prevent infections and disease is effective and has come a long way. Gardasil, a vaccine that protects women against cervical cancer, is effective against Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) that causes genital warts in both men and women.Hepatitis B vaccine is also available to boost the body's immuity against Hepatitis B virus, a blood and body fluid borne virus.

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